Regarding Mustang Moving & Covid-19:

As a company we are taking every precaution we can and doing the "Right Things". We have Lysol wipes in all of our trucks, asking our guys to use them as they fuel trucks, use door handles, etc. We are cleaning our operations areas daily. We would ask that all of our customers take the same measures: Cleaning surfaces and washing your hands. We wish everyone well, and hope we can all work together to protect each other's families, friends and loved ones as well as our communities.

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Mustang Moving will ensure that all your moving needs are met. Our team is dependable, courteous and takes great pride and extreme care in moving your belongings.  With NO hidden fees or charges you can accurately manage your moving costs. We are licensed, insured, and BBB accredited.  


We look forward to hearing from you soon and showing you why we are truly the best moving company.

Why You Should Choose Us?

Over 20 Years of Moving Experience
Hundreds of Satisfied Customers
No Hidden Fees or Charges
Fully Licensed and Insured Company 

Our Services

The Moving Process

step 1:

Our Movers will give you a call 30 minutes before arrival

Step 2:

Sign the contract (only now your time is beginning - we do charge hourly)

step 3:

Our Professional movers will wrap your furniture and start loading your belongings into the truck

step 4:

Driving to the new place and unloading the truck. We will put everything where you need it to be. And also take out the trash after the move.

step 5:

Sign last part of the contract and pay your bill.

Enjoy the new place!


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Frequently asked questions

Are you licensed and insured?

Yes, Mustang Moving is licensed by the State of Texas and also carries standard insurance required by the state as well (paperwork given shows this information)

Do movers typically get tipped?

Think of it this way, you tip waiters and all that they do is bring you food. Movers are handling your personal possessions, and if they take great care in doing so……..We think they earned a tip.

How should I prepare for my move in order to save the most money?

There are many ways to prepare for your next move, packing and prepping tips include: making sure all boxes are tape/sealed, clearing pathway for movers to move, breaking down of beds prior to move, and organizing miscellaneous items for easy load (ie: unplugging electronics, clearing dressers & shelves,bagging soft non-breakables) If you have specific questions we are more than happy to answer them for you.

You charge by the hour, why do you need a list?

We get a lot of debate on this one. We ask for a list mainly for scheduling other customers around your move. Plus, the more accurate your list, the more accurately you can budget. Information is King.

Does Mustang provide packing services?

Yes, we provide packing services as well as boxes for sale (pack jobs are quoted on size of pack)

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